monitored by an automatic current and voltage regulating ... techniques, or as a component in a fully automatic plant. ... Utility box carrier and car...
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NEW PRODUCTS special snap rings. After insertion of filters a wavelength change is obtained by rotating the turret to the filter desired. Lamp intensity is constantly monitored by an automatic current and voltage regulating unit which is attached to the base of the light source housing. 10

readout with an absolute accuracy of 0.1% and precision of 0.05%. The new electronic system, which achieves versatility through the use of a pinboard programmer, can be applied in a variety of pilot plant studies to develop improved techniques, or as a component in a fully automatic plant. 11

Data Reducing System

Versatility, ease of operation, accuracy, and reliability are features of Beckman's new electronic data handling system which performs on as many as 1000 a.c. or d.c. inputs. It is said to scan 5 channels per second for tape readout and 1 channel per second for log sheet or punched card

Variable Speed Rotating Lab Shaker

A new variable speed rotating laboratory shaker by Eberbach provides continuous, constant-speed rotary agitation at any setting from 125 to 350 r.p.m. The enclosed power unit houses a constant-speed, split-phase induction motor which rotates the shaker platform

By any standard

through a l 1 / 2 -in. diameter circle in the horizontal plane. Mechanical speed control maintains constant shaking rate despite changes in line voltage, load or temperature. Utility box carrier and carriers for various size flasks are available. 12 Radioactive Chromalograph Scanner

A new chromatograph scanner employs a small flow counter with low background and is said to scan chromatograph strips up to l x / 2 in. width and any length. By Forro Scientific Co., it can be used with or without window. Contaminated windows can be exchanged in a few seconds and cost less than a cent. Used without window, it is said to be particularly fit for work with low energy beta rays (C-14; S-35; Ni-63 and H-3). Two pi geometry insures high efficiency. The scanning head can be decontaminated in minutes. 13

of measurement Midget Dryer


Industrol Corp. announces the introduction of an automatic, solid desiccant type dehumidifier for drying small flows of compressed gases to sub-zero dewpoints. Available in three sizes, the units are completely automatic, electrically regenerated, and of compact design for wall or bench mounting. In addition to use in drying instrument air, laboratory air, inert gas, and purging systems, the units may be utilized in dessicant evaluations and pilot plant operations. 14




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Resistant to virtually all acids a n d alkalies

Potentiometer-Recorder Non-aging Sterilizable Easily connected Easily cleaned Available in more than 5 0 sizes Branded for your protection


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U. S. S T O N E W A R E AKRON 9 , O H I O For further information, circle number 74 A en Readers' Service Card, page 69 A

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A null-balancing type electronic potentiometer-recorder, developed by Barber-Colman Co., is completely selfcontained and requires only an external sensing device. The instrument is available in a wide range of models which measure, indicate, control and give a permanent record of such variables as temperature, speed, strain, hydrogen ion (pH), and other quantities that can be resolved into electrical signals. 15

Design innovation incorporated into Bausch & Lomb's new Abbe-3L refractometer are claimed to allow refractive index determinations of liquids, dissolved solids, and some opaque solids to be carried out in one minute. The instrument features a front mounted, horizontally positioned prism assembly, a built-in illuminator which For further information, see coupon on page 69 A ANALYTICAL