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May 18, 2012 - Union Carbide Chemicals Company. Ind. Eng. Chem. , 1957, 49 (12), pp 79A–79A. DOI: 10.1021/i650576a761. Publication Date: December ...
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DYNEL 1 means . . i

LOWER-COST FILTRATION with new woven and non-woven filter media PLATE AND FRAME FILTER PRESSES


D y n e l non-woven felt used with Dynel filter cloth acts as gasket to reduce leakage and build up full operating pressure quickly.

Write for booklet cont a i n i n g detailed t a b l e showing effect of reagents on Dynel fabrics after 20 hr. immersion tests.

Wet filtration fabrics of DYNEL resist a wide variety of acids, bases, oxidizing agents and solvents. Because DYNEL withstands the effects of chemicals, it brings major cost advantages to your filtering operation —less down-time, fewer replacements, reduced labor costs. DYNEL·a

Air Filters — Now, too, DYNEL is proving out in air filters. Its high efficiency, long life, and reasonable restriction again mean lower costs, improved dust-removal. Write for information, giving a brief description of the filter problem you may have. Address Dept. I E C


textile fiber

Textile Fibers Department, Union Carbide Chemicals Company, Division of Union Carbide Corporation, 30 East 42nd St., New York 17.N.Y. Offices in Boston, Mass. · Charlotte, N. C. - Montreal, Que. · Toronto, Ont. "Union Carbide" is a registered trade-mark of U.C.C. VOL.

49, NO. 12



79 A