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May 18, 2012 - Union Carbide Chemicals Company. Ind. Eng. Chem. , 1957, 49 (9), pp 118A–118A. DOI: 10.1021/i650573a792. Publication Date: September ...
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The Time To Tune In On Chemical Progress December 2-6,1957 Tire

Program... Is Solvent Recovery Practical? You bet it is! W i t h a solvent recovery system, practically all kinds of volatile solvents and solvent mixtures can be re­ covered safely, efficiently, and economi­ cally. So, solvent recovery is practical because it means increased profits.

Here's why: • T h e initial cost of a solvent becomes a secondary consideration. High priced solvents can be used at no extra operating cost.

NEW YORK COLISEUM For the first time in New York in six years, all under one roof, will be the greatest concentration of new and important developments in chemical materials, machinery and equipment for the process industries. Over. 500 informative displays will illustrate the latest advances in the industry, new methods, new products, new ideas, and new ways to cut costs and increase production. Arrange now to see this tremendous concentration of fact-filled exhibits of equal interest to manage­ ment, design, production and research personnel. For your convenience, displays of laboratory appa­ ratus and supplies, chemicals and raw materials, have been grouped separately. It is of great impor­ tance to you and your company to see first-hand the results of the continuing search for new processes, more efficient techniques, and new ways to improve your products. Check December 2-6 on your calendar today, and make a date to attend. ©«" 2 6 t h E X P O S I T I O N OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES N E W YORK C O L I S E U M , DECEMBER 2 - 6 , 1 9 5 7 Managemenf: International Exposition Company 4 8 0 Lexington Ave./ N e w York 17, Ν . Υ. For further information, circle number 118 A-1 on Readers' Service Card, page 119 A 1 18 A


• Solvents can be reused indefinitely. During periods of solvent shortages, effi­ cient recovery is invaluable. • Fire and health hazards are reduced and you have a closer check on solvent evaporation rates. Solvent recovery plants are designed to suit your particular needs whether 50 or 100,000 gallons a day. In most cases, solvents can be recovered with an effi­ ciency of more than 9 9 % at a cost of 1 to 2£ per pound. The investment is moderate too. Some recovery plants run­ ning at capacity pay for themselves in less than a year. Under other conditions, it takes only two or three years. CARBIDE has much more information on how a COLUMBIA Activated Carbon Solvent Recovery plant can cut y o u r processing costs. Write now!


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3 0 East 4 2 n d Street, N e w York 1 7 , Ν . Υ. "Columbia" is a registered trade-mark of UCC. Circle No. 118 A-2 on Readers' Service Card, page I I S A