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Carbide Chemicals Company, 30 East. Company, Division of Union Carbide and uses of TERGITOL surface-active. 42nd Street, Department H, New York...
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"TERGITOL" surface-active agents can help you Whether you want wetting action,

TERGITOL nonionics are particularly

peratures. TERGITOL anionics are de-

penetration, dispersion, detergency, or a combination of these properties—

good for emulsifying greasy soils, oils, and waxes—and holding them in stable

signed to give you fast wetting and penetrating action under difficult con-

there's a TERGITOL surfactant for you. You can choose from 8 TERGITOL noni-

suspension. TERGITOL nonionics offer you a wide range of solubilities—from

ditions. Check this list of TERGITOL surfac-

onics. 5 TERGITOL anionics—or blends oi these surfactants.

complete oil solubility to complete water solubility even at elevated tem-

tants—you'll find the nonionic or anionic that you're looking for.

TERGITOL Nonionics

^_^_____ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ i ^ ^

Cloud Point °C

NP-14 NP-27 NPX Anhydrous

— 20 56-60




100 35-37


60-65 90-100

Properties Oil-soluble emulsifier and detergent. Aromatic-soluble emulsifier and wetting agent. General purpose detergent, wetting agent, and emulsifier. Detergent and wetting agent at elevated tem­ peratures or in presence of dissolved salts. Detergent and wetting agent above 100° C. Outstanding nonionic wetting agent with good leveling rewetting properties. Outstanding emulsifiers and low-foaming detergents.

TERGITOL Anionics Union Carbide Chemicals Division 30




Company Corporation

7 and P-28 4

East 4 2 n d Street, N e w York 17, Ν . Υ.

08 and EH

You'll want a copy of the new 40page booklet covering the properties and uses of TERGITOL surface-active

Conditions for Use for dilute solutions of acids, alkalies, and salts. for moderately concentrated solutions of acids, alkalies, and salts. for concentrated solutions of acids, alkalies, and salts.

agents. Ask for F-5900. Address Union Carbide Chemicals Company, 30 East 42nd Street, Department H, New York

17, N.Y. In Canada: Carbide Chemicals Company, Division of Union Carbide Canada Limited, Montreal.

For further information, circle number 41 A on Readers' Service Card, page 119 A VOL.

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