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Carbide'spropionic acid is used as a feed additive and as a raw material for mold in- hibitors. pharmaceuticals, herbicides, per- fumes, and flavors. ...
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IMPROVE COLOR IN PROPIONATE SALTS AND ESTERS with CARBIDE'S Propionic Acid Complete analysis shows CARBIDE'S propionic aeid is high in purity, has a narrow boiling range, and is essentially free from contamination with other organic acids. This quality means you can improve color and cut unwanted odor by preparing propionate salts and esters using CARBIDE'S propionic acid. Confirm this quality for yourself by comparing these specification?:: Specific Gravity at 20/20-C

993 to .997

Distillation Range at 760 mm Hg Ibp

138.5CC. min.


142.5°C. max.

Propionic Acid

99.5% by w t , min.

Heavy Metals, as Lead

5 ppm, max.


0.15% by wt., max.

Non-volatile Matter

0.01% by w t , max.


15 Pt-Co, max.

Suspended Matter

Substantially free

Aldehydes, as Propionaldehyde . . . 0.05% by w t , max. Oxidizable Substance, as Formic Acid 0.05% by wt., max. CARBIDE'S propionic acid is used as a feed additive and as a raw material for mold inhibitors, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, perfumes, and flavors. F o r further information on physical properties and a summary of uses, call your CARBIDE Technical Representative or send for a copy of the technical i n f o r m a t i o n b u l l e t i n on p r o p i o n i c a c i d . Write, Department M, Union Carbide Chemicals Company, Division of Union Carbide Corporation, 30 East 42nd Street, New York 17, New York.


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