"We let Crown Zellerbach manufacture the sulfur intermediates we

It gives us more time to work on applications research." Chem. Eng. News , 1981, 59 (17), Inside Back Cover. DOI: 10.1021/cen-v059n017.ibc. Publicatio...
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"We let Crown Zellerbach manufacture the sulfur intermediates we need. It gives us more time to0 work on atlons research. Ill Crown Zellerbachs expertise in thiobis aromatic chemistry has resulted in the commercialization of high purity compounds such as: (TDP) 4 4,4'-Thiodiphenol 4

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when Crown Zellerbach has equip­ ment and expertise in sulfur chemistry already available to serve you? Lets discuss the compound you require today Call (206) 254-0924. Or return the coupon below and we'll contact you. Crown Zellerbach/RO. Box 4266/Vancouver. WA. 98662


Recently a technical grade of SDR which we call Dihydroxydiphenylsulfone (DDS), has been introduced which contains a minimum of 85% 4,4'4somer material. Many thiobis aromatic intermediates are possible, as are derivatives of existing or new sulfur compounds. Why spend valuable research time developing scale-up procedures

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